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Our History

Wise Dweller was created in 2017 as a site to help consumers navigate the growing smart home industry. The idea surfaced between two friends and business partners who spent many hours discussing the latest smart home technology. Those conversations often ended in frustration for how little information was available on these products or how well they worked. News sites read like press releases, reviews were not detailed enough, and troubleshooting meant searching obscure forums for people who had run into similar issues. It felt like an industry where the signal to noise ratio was far too low. And with that, we decided to build a site that could help bridge that information gap between product and consumer.

Who We Are

We’re passionate tech enthusiasts who have decades of experience in and around the industry. We’re the kind of people who will stay up half the night to learn a few tricks on a thermostat. We’ll scour the internet for days trying to find a fix for a product we bought. It’s not just a passion for us, but an obsession.

What We Do

Make you wiser about making your home smarter. We focus on four principal categories: news, reviews, guides, and how-to’s. News will tackle the latest product launches and let you know when a security exploit looms. Reviews will provide our hands-on opinion of products after extensive testing. Guides will walk you through a particular industry and let you know how gadgets stack up against one another. And our how-to section will show you how to use your latest purchase or breathe new life into an old one.

Have a Product You Want Reviewed?

We’re always looking for new and exciting products to review. If you have a product you’d like to have reviewed, please hit up our contact page. We’ll even honor embargoes. For more information, check out our page on how we write our reviews.

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