Smart Speakers

Comprehensive reviews of the latest smart home speakers. These devices have become vital to smart homes by providing hands-free home automation and helpful AI assistants. They let you play music, ask questions, or change the temperature in your home with your voice. Focusing on product lines from Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Apple Homepod.

Amazon Echo Show 5 review
8.8Overall Score

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a long overdue compromise for diehard Echo users. The original Echo Show is a bit large and not suitable for desks and nightstands. Their smart alarm clock, the Echo Spot, uses a round...
8.7Overall Score

Amazon Echo Spot Review

When Amazon released the Echo Show last Summer, it felt a bit underwhelming. An Amazon Echo with a screen seems like a great idea, but it's clunky design and lack of video-specific skills didn't live up to it's...
7.7Overall Score

Amazon Echo Show Review

Just as we're getting used to our voice-controlled speakers, Amazon throws us a curve. The Echo we've grown to love now has a touchscreen attached to it. The addition is not all that surprising. It's a natural ...
9.1Overall Score

Google Home Mini Review

In the race for smart speaker supremacy, Google has always felt a step behind. When the original Google Home device hit the market, Amazon already had two years on them with their Echo. And now 18 months after ...
9.2Overall Score

Amazon Echo Dot Review

In the battle for smart speaker supremacy, the 2nd Generation Dot is the smallest and most affordable option in the Amazon Echo line of products. And despite it's tiny size, it packs a big punch, and might just...