About Reviews

While we are excited to provide guidance into what products you decide to put in your home, we also understand the responsibility that comes with it. Homes are our sanctuaries and what we put in them is important. That is why we feel it’s necessary to explain our review process for all the products that are featured on WiseDweller.

How Are Products Chosen?

There is no set formula for how we choose which products to review next. Each reviewer tends to have their own interests and specialties. We do our best to cover a broad array of products from companies both big and small. We do not accept payment to review a product on this site.

How are review products acquired?

Most products reviewed on WiseDweller are purchased directly by us through major retailers. Occasionally companies who wish to have their products reviewed will send us a sample item to test. These products do not take precedent over others and do not have any editorial impact at all on our reviews.

How are items tested?

Unlike other review sites, we test these products for weeks or months at a time. We will often use these products in our personal homes for as long as we can. Longer testing duration allows us to make important judgements on the long term usability of a product.

What is the criteria?

It’s difficult to create a single formula that fits every type of product in the smart home industry. We’ve done our best to rate a product based on five important categories. They are Features, Ease of Use, Design, Performance, and Value. Each category is given a score independently. These scores will be averaged to produce an overall score between 1-100.

Do you update reviews?

Absolutely. Products get better and worse over time thanks to software/firmware updates, security issues, or new relationships fostered by the parent company. When we encounter these, we’ll update our reviews to reflect the change. These will be noted and a new date will be provided at the top of the review. Otherwise, the date listed at the top of the review is the last time that product was reviewed.

Our Pledge

It is our pledge that every review written on this site is done so with our readers at heart. These are our honest opinions that have been cultivated by our usage of the product in both a test setting and in our homes. As with any opinion, you should seek second, third, and fourth ones before purchasing a product (especially expensive ones!). While we will do our best to provide our expertise, we are fallible at times.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.