Light Bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs are the gateway toward a complete smart home makeover. They provide energy savings and endless amounts of customization to meet our lighting needs. We can change the brightness, color, and temperature of them with either a few taps on our phone or by using our voice with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa. Scheduling and other motion sensors can be set to deter burglars or just save on our electricity bill. You’ll find comprehensive reviews from industry leaders like Philips Hue and LIFX alongside lesser known brands for those on limited budgets.

LIFX Z Review
8.7Overall Score

LIFX Z Light Strip Review

LIFX is one of many smart lighting companies that have been trying to catch up to the large lead Philips has built over the years. We have covered and been impressed by their bulbs in the past. In fact, the LIF...
Philips Hue Go
8.7Overall Score

Philips Hue Go Review

Portable lights always seem to have problems. Some come in under-powered while others don't provide much illumination time off the charger. They can look clunky and don't offer a lot of options. But Philips has...
8.1Overall Score

LIFX Mini Smart LED Bulb Review

As fans of LIFX bulbs, we have been excited for the release of the LIFX Mini A19 for some time. Previous models had shown great promise but unfortunately had some some minor issues that have held us at bay. Thi...
6.4Overall Score

Geeni Prisma Smart Multicolor LED Bulb Review

Multicolor smart LED bulbs have always felt a bit gimmicky to me. Sure there are some scenarios I could envision using them. They'd make for a nice decoration outside during Christmas. Maybe even a fun accessor...
7.1Overall Score

LIFX Wi-Fi Multicolor Smart LED Bulb Review

LIFX has come a long way from their days as an Australian start-up crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Their dream to create Wi-Fi connected light bulbs is a reality and they now produce one of the better smart LED bu...
6.7Overall Score

Geeni Lux Smart LED Bulb Review

The first thing that struck me about the Geeni Lux line of smart LED bulbs is the price. I'm constantly seduced by the industry to swap out the dumb bulbs in my house and replace them with smart LED ones. Unfor...
5.9Overall Score

LOHAS Smart LED Bulb Review

Our search for a budget multicolor LED bulb continues with a little known company called LOHAS that has generated a bit of buzz on Amazon. The company which specializes in LED bulbs of all kinds seems to have r...