Geeni is the smart home line of electronic maker Merkury Innovations. Their products, which consist of smart plugs, power strips, LED bulbs and security cameras, are geared toward cost-conscious consumers. They connect through your home’s Wi-Fi and don’t require a hub. Voice controls are offered through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

6.4Overall Score

Geeni Prisma Smart Multicolor LED Bulb Review

Multicolor smart LED bulbs have always felt a bit gimmicky to me. Sure there are some scenarios I could envision using them. They'd make for a nice decoration outside during Christmas. Maybe even a fun accessor...
6.7Overall Score

Geeni Lux Smart LED Bulb Review

The first thing that struck me about the Geeni Lux line of smart LED bulbs is the price. I'm constantly seduced by the industry to swap out the dumb bulbs in my house and replace them with smart LED ones. Unfor...
7.2Overall Score

Geeni Energi Energy Tracking Smart Plug Review

While prices for smart plugs have come down a bit in recent years, you're still looking at $30-$40 for one that provides energy monitoring. When we spotted the Geeni Energi Energy Tracking Wi-Fi Smart Plug sell...
5.5Overall Score

Geeni Surge Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector Review

While the industry has been flooded with individual smart plugs, there's been a lack of smart surge protectors on the market. Perhaps this simply comes down to demand, but we can see how the added surge protect...