Belkin WeMo is a leader in the home automation industry. Their products range from smart plugs, light switches, to wall dimmers. They can connect with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and even Apple HomeKit (although their WeMo Bridge is required). Their smartphone app allows you to control all their products in one place.

8.8Overall Score

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug Review

Belkin has been a name in consumer electronics for decades and over the past few years has thrown their hat in the budget home automation space. Their Wemo Switch was one of the early entrants into the smart pl...
7.6Overall Score

Belkin Wemo Bridge Review

Apple HomeKit users have been clamoring for almost a year now for compatibility with WeMo products. And with the release of the WeMo Bridge, that's finally a reality. The $40 bridge from Belkin now acts as a go...
8.6Overall Score

Belkin WeMo Dimmer Switch Review

Belkin's impressive line of smart home products dubbed "WeMo" has built a strong following over the years. They're easy-to-use and can connect directly to your existing WiFi setup. And from that line comes perh...
8.3Overall Score

Belkin Wemo Light Switch Review

Belkin's WeMo lineup of home automation products has been immensely popular since they launched back in 2012. A slew of smart plugs, bulbs, and cameras have led their respected industries. But the cornerstone o...