iDevices offers a wide array of smart home products that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and more. Their current lineup features smart plugs (both indoor and outdoor), wall outlets, light switches, and a thermostat. Controls are done through the iDevices Connected app, Apple Home, or via voice with a compatible smart speaker.

idevices outdoor being plugged in and powered on
7.8Overall Score

iDevices Outdoor Switch Review

As a lifelong Midwesterner, it's no fun crawling behind a bush in 10 degree weather to plug in the Christmas lights each night. Remote control plugs seem hit or miss and you have to be within range to control t...
8Overall Score

iDevices Wall Outlet Review

While smart plugs have saturated the market, they have some drawbacks. They protrude from your wall and can sometime block the adjacent outlet. So if I know I want to use a specific receptacle in my home, I muc...
8.5Overall Score

iDevices Switch Review

Smart plugs are everywhere these days. Dozens of companies have flooded the market with simple designs and the basic array of features. But few offer support for Apple Homekit users. That's where the Switch fro...
7.9Overall Score

iDevices Wall Switch Review

In an industry where most companies don't take chances, iDevices has created a nice niche for themselves. Their ever-growing product lines features innovative designs that add those little extras that make them...