There’s just something addictive about trivia games. Generation after generation finds themselves drawn to them. We sit around a table playing Trivial Pursuit. We see if we can keep up with the contestants on Jeopardy. Or find ourselves dropping everything twice a day to play HQ Trivia on our phones. It’s an activity for people of all ages that continually finds new ways of seducing us.

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Amazon Echo devices have naturally joined in on the trivia craze. With the use of Alexa skills, your smart speaker can turn into a game show host that lets you play trivia hands-free.

We’ve compiled some of the best Alexa skills that focus on trivia below.


The classic television game show with Alex Trebek is well represented on your Echo. The skill provides an extra 6th clue from each of the day’s categories that appeared on that weekday’s television show. Prime members get access to Double Jeopardy and an extra 6 clues.

The voice recognition is terrific and it’ll tally up your score at the end and let you know how you did against other players. If you miss some days, it’ll even give you the option to go back and play those. A fun skill that’s perfect for Jeopardy fans. Get Jeopardy! Here

Song Quiz

A “Name that Tune” style game where a song will play and you’ll have to guess the title and artist. Partial points are given for partial answers. You can choose playlists from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, or the current decade.

Perhaps most fun is that you can compete with a friend locally or with someone around the globe. New music is added constantly and it’s a fun way to test your musical knowledge and compete with others. Get Song Quiz Here

Heads Up!

From The Ellen DeGeneres Show itself comes the popular game she plays on her show. She’ll have a card with a word on it and will give you clues as to what it is. Guess the word before the timer runs out and you win.

The skill comes with free decks that include categories such as superstars, blockbuster movies, and favorite fictional characters. Other decks can be purchased for $0.99 if you’re a Prime member ($2.99 otherwise). It’s a clever, fun way to test your pop culture knowledge. Get Heads Up! Here

Question of the Day

As the name suggest, it’s a simple question of the day. A nice way to kickstart your morning with a random bit of trivia that covers all different topics. Get Question of the Day Here

Teen Jeopardy

Your favorite game show but with questions geared more toward teens and families. You’ll get 12 free weekly questions but can buy monthly packs of 50 for just $1.99 ($0.99 for Prime members). Get Teen Jeopardy Here

Sports Jeopardy

Do you tend to veer toward the sports categories on the classic Jeopardy game show? Well this skill has you covered. 12 clues are released every Friday that cover the gamut in the sporting world. Monthly clue packs are available for $1.99 (or $0.99 for Prime members). Get Sports Jeopardy Here

Categories Game

An addictive game where you’ll be given a letter and then categories that you’ll have to match to that starting letter. For instance if you’re given the letter P, you’ll say “Pig” if the category is animal. Or “pie” if the category is dessert.

Versions of this game are used by neurologists to test mental cognition. While it’s more a brain exercise than a trivia game, we’ll let it count. Get Categories Game Here

National Geographic Geo Quiz

Six geographic questions are released every day by the National Geographic Society. Test your geography chops against others as the skill will tell you how you stack up. It can run into some issues with deciphering your response but that’s expected with how complex some of the answers can get. Get National Geographic Geo Quiz Here

Lie Swatter

Jackbox Games brings their popular game to the Alexa Skills section. The concept is simple. Lie Swatter gives you an absurd fact and you have to decide whether it’s true or false. And you’ll appreciate a humorous host over the monotone voice of Alexa.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger hold up a wall in the Governor’s mansion during an Earthquake? Did NASA accidentally record over the first moon landing tapes? Find out by enabling Lie Swatter (note that this game is intended for adults). Get Lie Swatter Here

World Detective

If you played “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego as a kid, you’ll feel right at home with World Detective. The goal is to chase down notorious criminals around the world. You’ll need knowledge of cities, monuments, rivers, and local delicacies to track them down. It’s a fun Skill that tests out how worldy you are. Get World Detective Here

Word of the Day Quiz

This is a rather unique Skill. You’ll want to add “Word of the Day” to your flash briefing first and then play the Word of the Day Quiz after to see if everything stuck in your brain.

The Skill comes complete with a quirky host who makes the experience fun. It’s an innovative way of using Alexa Skills to teach and running daily will broaden your vocabulary and keep those brain synapses firing.

There are new Alexa trivia skills being added daily and we’ll work to keep this page updated as we find new ones. This list doesn’t include trivia skills for the new Amazon Echo Buttons. If there is a skill you’re particularly fond of, don’t be shy. Hit up our contact page and let us know. Get Word of the Day Quiz Here

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as of February 16, 2024 9:40 pm